Thursday, July 20, 2006

Buckhorn, Youngs Point & the highest lock

WOW! What a trip. Yesterday I ran the Peterborough Lift lock, the highest of its type in the world. This lock not only lifts the boat - it lifts the WATER! 330,000 lbs of water gets lifted 65 feet into the air. See the first pics on this post (from the bottom.)

The next pic (from the bottom is a shot of Walküre crossing Rice Lake. Photo courtesy of Chuck & Barb Ganem aboard the trawler "Gold Watch."

Next up from the bottom is an entry in the "So you think MY boat is odd?" category. Photo courtesy Chuck Ganem.

Next up is your skipper, entertaining the crew of Gold Watch and Bryant from Peterborough it's margarita time! Photo courtesy of Bryant Owen.

Next up is the view from the top of the Peterborough lift lock - amazing!

Last night I stayed at Youngs Point, home of the Lockside Trading Company. Anyone familiar with the Canal Town Emporium in Wurtsboro, NY will feel right at home at the Lockside T.C.

Tonight, I'm in Buckhorn, the halfway point on the Trent-Severn Waterway. From here on the locks are farther apart, and soon I start to lock "downhill" on my way to Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.

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