Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Repairs under way...

Starboard Hole
Walkure is on the hard in Tarpon Springs. We started chopping out parts of the hull looking for the pesky leaks. It's a case of good news, bad news.
First the good news. There was no rot; we caught the problem in time. The plywood of the hull was wet, but not rotted. The frames underneath the skin were sound, again no rot.
The bad news is the wet wood on the starboard side turned out to cover a much larger area than anticipated, requiring a rather large hole to be cut in the side. A bigger hole means a bigger patch. (See pictures.) The hole needed on the starboard side was 14 inches long, top to bottom. Ouch!
Along the canal at NPR
"Love is All" at home.
Port side Hole
The plywood patches are now fitted and the first layer of glass is on. Tomorrow, a little sanding and then the second layer of glass, some more epoxy, some fairing compound, sanding and painting.
If we don't get the painting done by Friday (unlikely) we will have to wait until Monday to launch. At least that give us time to do some grocery shopping, organize the boat, etc.
Watch for SPOT updates starting next Monday.
I've included a picture of "Love is All" taken from the canal side, and a pic of our trip down the canal in New Port Richey, on our way to Tarpon Springs on Monday.

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