Thursday, September 02, 2010

Getting ready...

Well, Bev is back from MA and is busy cleaning and painting Walkure's interior. I'll be busy for a while longer on "Love is All," Tim and Julie's old Morgan. The liquor locker is almost done and Tim and I are now working on the galley. I'll post some pictures in a day or so.
On September 11, Tim and Julie are leaving vacation and Bev and I will finish getting Walkure ready for the return trip to Marathon. When they get back, we'll check the weather and if there are no hurricanes lurking about, we'll head out for the Keys. Watch for our SPOT updates.
Our trip up here was made in record (for us) time and we're hoping to make similar time going back. Queequeg is waiting for us and we're really getting excited about having so much room and such a fast boat.
On another note (so to speak) Bev is now the proud owner of a new bass guitar and a Mel Bay instruction book. She's started doing the finger exercises to get some strength in her hands for playing. Once she can run a few scales I'll start teaching her some of the songs I do at the "open mike" nights and we'll be able to jam.

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