Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, it looks like we'll be leaving Marathon for the summer. We'll head out probably on Tuesday next week if the weather forecast holds.
We decided that it will be just too hot here to work on the Irwin without AC and we don't want both boats in the same area in case there's a hurricane. We'll be taking Walkure up to New Port Richie. (We had planned on Tarpon Springs, but Tim found us a private dock in NPR that's cheaper.) I'll be helping Tim and Julie get their boat "Love is All" ready (finally) for cruising.
I'll be testing SPOT today so look for the SPOT message. As we travel, we will be sending SPOT messages at least once a day. As we cross Florida Bay we'll SPOT more often. That will be our only big crossing on this trip, the rest of the trip will be coastal hops or ICW, so one SPOT be enough.
Here are another couple of "after" pictures of the Irwin.
Oh, put your thinking caps on, we'll have to name the Irwin. It's name is currently "Queequeg" after the Moby Dick character, but I think we'll change it. We're thinking something based on the names of our granddaughters Chandra, Kahlenn and McKenzie: "ChaKahMac?" Input from all our readers is welcome.

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