Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Still busy!

What a spring!
Right after our visit with Tim and Julie, Bev's son Matt came to visit. He had a great time. We went out for a day sail. We went to Key West, saw a bed race, had wings at Kelly's, visited the Turtle Hospital, etc. Matt treated his mom to another trip to Key West and went para sailing and snorkeling. (Yeah, Bev went para sailing!) Matt even learned to blow the conch.
In Key West we stopped in at Schooner Wharf hoping to hear our friend Howard Livingston, but it turned out his Mom was ill and he was out of town. We did get to see a "Pirate Costume Contest." Arrgh!
The deal for the Irwin has gone through. We are now the proud owners of a 40' boat. It needs a lot of work, and the roaches have taken up residence in unbelievable numbers. I still wonder about the engine and we won't know if it runs until we put the boat in the water. I'll do all I can to fix the boat up before launching, but it will still need work after it's in the water. It will need a whole new floor, and probably most of the subfloor, and the teak cabinetry has been seriously water stained, but looks to be intact. I was up there yesterday working on it and discovered that the holding tank is right under the V-berth (yuck!) and not hooked up properly. So, there's another project.
The Irwin will be staying in the boat yard for the summer. It is just too hot here to be working without AC. So we are shopping for a spot to park Walkure for the summer. Bev will be going to MA to visit her grandkids and get some seasonal work. I will probably be in New Port Richie helping Tim and Julie finish the refit on their boat.

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