Sunday, November 01, 2009

Osprey Marina

We're gearing up to head out tomorrow. I didn't want to take off without thanking the wonderful crew at Osprey Marina.
We arrived here a week ago Friday and no sooner tied up then we got the call about Daniel. The marina folks said "Don't worry about the boat, go!" So we went.
When we got back, everyone was so nice and supportive, it was great.
Last night we called Mike and Eileen at Scatori's Restaurant. They drove out to the marina and picked us up. We had a pizza at their restaurant, did our shopping next door at Lowe's Foods and then they drove us back. What a great service!
So...Add Osprey Marina to our list of great places to stay on the water. The transient rates are very reasonable, the food at the grill is good, the staff is helpful, the showers are clean, in short, it's a great marina.
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