Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We're finally on the OWW, in Indiantown Marina.
We're sitting here waiting for good weather to cross the lake.
It's been a long, interesting, and sometimes exciting trip so far. Sorry that we haven't kept up the blog, we just haven't had internet access. Most nights we anchor out, and the few marina's we've stayed in didn't have access.
But we're OK, safe and sound. The boat has taken a bit of a beating. Today we were trying to squeeze into a very tight slip with fixed docks and pilings and we tore the barbeque grill off the boat. It hit one of the pilings and tore loose from the sheer. It turned out that the sheer clamp had started to rot where the grill mount was bolted to it. I guess (once again) I didn't seal the screw holes well enough. Now I will have yet another project when we get back to Marathon.
Speaking of Marathon, it looks like we will finally arrive some time in the middle of next week. Whew! I like traveling but I will be glad to stop and rest for a while.
If we are still here tomorrow, I will post some pictures.

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