Sunday, May 31, 2009

One more update

before we head into the marshlands of Georgia. The next few days will be spent wandering through the marshes and sounds of coastal Georgia. There's not much development there, so internet access will be unlikely and cell phone service spotty.
While we were in St. Augustine, we had a visit from Ralph and Leslie whom we met last year in Marathon. Ralph drove us to the beach for a food festival, then Leslie joined us for dinner on the boat. Leslie drove home with Ralph and left us her car for the week. (Did I ever say "You meet the nicest people on a boat?" Thank you Leslie!) The following day we drove to Jacksonville to take Morgan to a avian vet. He's molting so we wanted to make sure the process was going normally and to have his wings trimmed. The vet was great and showed us how to clip his wings and trim his talons with the Dremel.
After the vet we went to Leslie's condo for dinner and spent the night.
On our way to Jekyll, we passed Cumberland Island and spotted several of the wild horses that live on the island. It seems some early settlers brought the horses there but then abandoned the island, leaving the horses to die. The horses had other plans. Most of the island is now a park and the horses are simply allowed the run of the place. (We didn't get close enough to get a good picture, but if you visit Paul and Laurie's blog you can see some close-ups that Paul shot while they were ashore on Cumberland.)
Yesterday, during our bike tour of Jekyll Island, Bev finally got to see a gator up close in the wild. It was a "small" gator, "only" about 4 feet long, but those jaws still looked big enough to me!

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