Friday, April 10, 2009


It looks like tomorrow is the day. The winds will be light and from the south, so the trip across the "ocean side" to the 7 Mile Bridge should be gentle. Once we pass under the bridge we will be in Florida Bay and the waves should die down even further. The prediction for next week looks promising, with light south breezes all the way.
This will be the last post from Marathon. The next post will be a SPOT message from our first anchorage, somewhere on "the bay side." If you are new to this blog, each SPOT message contains a link. Click on the link and it will take you to Google Maps with a marker indicating our position. On the Map page there is a link to the satellite image of the same spot. It's really cool and it lets you see exactly where we are.
Bev reminded me that I neglected to post a picture of Bev's friend Lori who we caught up with during our last visit to Key West, so here it is.
We heard this morning from our friends on "Verkennen" and they have finally gotten under way. They reached the Little Shark River last evening. They are headed the same way we are, up the east coast, but decided to take the Okeechobee route to avoid the dozens of bridges in the Miami area. We plan to put our masts down and just scoot under most of the bridges. It helps to have a Bolger boat!

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