Monday, April 06, 2009

Almost ready

Preparations continue for the trek north, but on Saturday we took a break.
One of Bev's coworkers loaned us a car for the weekend so we took the crew of Verkennen on a little expedition to Key West. We had a drink at the famous Blue Heaven (of the Jimmy Buffett song), had wings at Kelly's and saw the "Cat Man" at Mallory Square at sunset. As we were heading back to the car, we spotted a Bolger "Sneakeasy" sitting at the dock near Schooner Wharf.
We also ran into our old friend Mikhail Pobo who told us that his cat had died. It must have been hard for him and Irene because the cat was the inspiration for their book and their paintings.
The test of the SPOT system worked so start watching for regular SPOT updates once we start moving.
There is some weather coming in today, another cold front, so the wind and waves won't be favorable until later in the week, maybe Thursday.
Here are a few pictures of our latest Key West adventure.

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