Monday, March 09, 2009

Pig races and saying goodbye to friends

Last weekend was Annual Pig Day here in Marathon and to celebrate, one of our favorite eateries, The Stuffed Pig, hosted a series of pig races. It was all in fun and raised a bit of money for a local charity.
Joining us at the races were our friends Laurie and Paul from "Verkennen." We first met them in Venice in 2007. They had been following this blog almost from the beginning. They caught up to us again here in Marathon, but now they are moving on. (There's a link to their blog in the links section on this blog.)
The weather here is finally starting to break a bit. We've had a series of cold fronts that have kept temperatures in the 60s with winds in the 20s & 30s for several weeks. Now it's finally getting into the 70s with lighter winds. We're hoping that April will bring favorable winds for us to start making our way north.
I've included a picture of one of our recent Saturday night jam sessions at the Tiki hut.
Also, it looks like we will need to buy a new engine. The old Yamaha is just about worn out. It's a 1991 and it's got a lot of hours on it. I think the valves and the rings have gone. We'll be doing a lot of motoring on the ICW as we head north and need reliable power. I'll be shopping this afternoon to see what kind of deal I can get. I am hoping to get a new 9.9 Yamaha High Thrust with electric tilt so I don't have to climb down into the engine well to raise and lower the engine. Wish me luck.

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