Friday, February 20, 2009

What a busy week!

Last Saturday, Keith (our former next-boat neighbor in S. Pasadena) joined us for a day sail. (See the picture of Keith at the tiller.) It was a beautiful day, with a light south breeze. The boat handled well, with none of the weather-helm problems we had last time we were out.
When we got back into the harbor, we went to visit Sande and Donnie on "Gypsy Cat." Sande's been boat bound for a couple of weeks with a torn ligament in her knee. Sande makes jewelry from Pete's feathers.
After that, we went to the Tiki hut for the Saturday night jam session.
On Tuesday, we borrowed a car from Carol (a woman that Bev works with) so I could go to the "Battery Shack" and get a new battery for the boat. One of our big house batteries had failed. When we drove down to Big Pine to return the car, we were met in the driveway by a very friendly 5 point buck about the size of a Labrador retriever. "Key Deer" are related to the usual White Tail deer you see all over the country, but they are much smaller.
Wednesday morning Bev and I were listening to "Hoebee in the morning" on the radio when Hoebee announced that if we called the station we might win tickets to Howard Livingston's show on Thursday night. I called and won! So...we borrowed the car again and drove down last night to see Howard and the Mile Marker 24 Band. Laurie and Paul from "Verkennen" rode down to Key West with us to catch the sunset at Mallory Square. After the show, they joined us at Kelly's for nightcap.
The concert was held at the San Carlos Theater on Duval Street in old Key West. We had walked by the building many times without realizing that it was such a beautiful old theater. It was originally the auditorium of the first school in the Keys, and was built in 1871. Jose Marti' planned the Cuban Independence movement from the San Carlos.
The show was great. Howard was joined by a horn section, bringing the band to 8 pieces. It really added a "big band" element to Howard's usual "trop rock" sound. Jason on lead guitar and Dave on steel drum were in top form.
During the intermission, I got a chance to talk with Cindy, Howard's fiancee, and she told me that they read our blog! We bought Howard's new CD and after the show both Howard and Cindy signed it. Thanks, and congratulations on your engagement! (By the way, Howard, I'm going to steal a couple of songs off the new CD. I hope you don't mind.)
If you haven't yet heard Howard's music, you're missing out. Especially in these hard economic times, his brand of upbeat, happy tropical rock is a lot of fun. Just google "Howard Livingston" and you'll find his website. You can see the band's schedule and order CDs, etc.
Tonight we're going to the Marathon Community Theater to see a one man show about Flagler, the guy who built the "railroad that went to sea" and opened up the Keys for landlubbers.
Who knew retirement would keep a person so busy?


Anonymous said...

I believe on another forum you mentioned that you live(d?) on your AS29, and that you build boats.

Do you feel the AS29 would be suitable for living aboard year-round (one person)?

Would you consider building one?


Mike Wagner said...

Yes, I live on an AS-29 which I built. Bev and I live all year on the boat, but we spend our winters in Florida, mostly in the Keys. Even here it gets chilly sometimes and we are planning on installing a wood stove this summer so next winter will be more comfortable.

As for building another boat, that would be difficult as I do not stay in one place long enough, and do not have a workshop suitable for such a project.

Would I recommend the AS-29 as a one person liveaboard? Yes I would. It's a great boat for one person. Bev and I manage, with our bird, but it does get cluttered with two people and their stuff.