Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A sister ship badly damaged

The Anemone, a Bolger AS-39, was badly damaged in a storm in Canada. A 3 day nor'easter caught the crew by surprise with its intensity and duration. Anchored 100 yards off a lee shore, they were caught in 7 foot waves and their anchor line chafed through. The boat was pounded on the rocks for several hours until a crane could be brought to the site to lift her off.
This particular AS-39 (one of only 2 that I know of) was built with a steel ballast plate bolted to her bottom. The 1" thick steel was severely dented and twisted, causing who-knows-what damage to the plywood structures behind it. In addition the bilgeboard trunks were heavily damaged.
The crew, Jean and Gabby, are OK, but are now scrambling to find a home ashore while they repair Anemone, which had been their home prior to the storm.
I wish we could be more help, but our circumstances and location don't lend themselves to offering any more than a heartfelt "Best wishes!"

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