Friday, August 29, 2008

Chandra takes a cruise

We just got back from a 3 day mini cruise. We wanted to give Chandra a taste of life on the water.
We sailed out of New Port Richey on Wednesday and anchored off Anclote Key. It was a great day of easy sailing in light breezes. We had to tack several times to make way south, but we had all day to go only a few miles, so we didn't care.
When we got to Anclote and set the anchor, there was a swell coming in off the Gulf. Not enough to be a big problem, except for Chandra who got a mild case of the old "mal de mare." A little dramamine and some sleep and she was fine by the next morning.
On Thursday morning we sailed off anchor and made our way down to Three Rooker Bar. We had been advised to avoid this spot, but the advice was dead wrong. It was beautiful. We anchored in about 8 feet of water in the crescent behind the Bar, had a little lunch and then took the dinghy to the beach. We spent most of the afternoon shelling, swimming and kite flying. It was a great afternoon.
Getting back to the boat, we had a great dinner of pork chops, couscous and "apple stuff." A game of Scrabble (which the bird watched intently) polished off a really great day.
This morning, Bev made pancakes for all, including the bird. We motored back to Tim and Julies because they have to work tonight and that meant we had a timetable for getting back. On they way home, Chandra took the tiller for a while and even managed to steer us accurately through a planned course change by following the rhumb line plotted on the GPS.
"A splendid time was had by all."

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