Saturday, June 02, 2007

Phil's cat, Capt. Josh and Walden Pond

Here are a few random pictures of our New England trip.
The cat on the chair is Phil Bolger's recent adoptee. He likes to sleep on the chair, and doesn't move even if you spin the chair.
We also visited Walden Pond. We saw the replica cabin. The original was torn down shortly after Thoreau's stay. I used to think that it would have been difficult to live in so small a space but after a year on the boat his cabin looks positively spacious.
We also took a walk around the pond to the site of the original cabin. It is marked with stones and sits right next to a pile of rocks said to be from the original foundation.
On our way back from New Bedford (where Bev's son Matt lives) we stopped off at the "monument" commemorating Capt. Joshua Slocum's solo circumnavigation of the world in 1895. He was the first person ever to complete a solo circumnavigation. His feat inspired whole generations of sailors, your narrator included.

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