Thursday, June 07, 2007

Graduation, George Washington and Choppers

No, not THOSE choppers, bikes as in Orange County Choppers. On our way back from Plymouth, Bev and I stopped off in Orange County NY so I could visit with my Aunt Kay. While in the area we stopped to see the folks I used to work with at Orange Regional Medical Center. Hi Margie, Ada, Tyler, Rob, Ed, Elaine, Sandy and everyone else.
The visit to Orange County included a stop at Orange County Chopper the home of Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey of TV fame. We browsed the shop and saw some of the famous bikes included the FDNY bike, complete with fire hydrant.
We also went to the nation's very first "National Historic Site," Washington's Headquarters in Newburgh. Of course it was Tuesday, so the place was closed! We knocked on the door and the site manager, Donald Fraser came out and told us that they were giving a private tour to a VIP but that we were welcome to join them.
The VIP turned out to be Mrs. Hamilton Fish IV, widow of a famous Congressman.
The museum curator, Mel Johnson, took us all on a wonderful narrated tour of the grounds and the house. The old saw "Washington Slept Here" in this case has been thoroughly documented, right down to the actual room he used as his bedroom.
Washington spent more time at this house than at any other posting during the entire Revolution. He stayed here from the surrender of Cornwalis at Yorktown through the signing of the Treaty of Paris. It was necessary for him to keep the army together during this period as the British kept an army posted in New York City until after the final peace treaty was signed.
The Washington's Headquarters Site was the very first place to be designated as an historic site anywhere in the world! It served as the example for the preservation of Mount Vernon, Washinton's home in Virginia, and all other historic sites.
Here also are a few pics of Matt's graduation. The ceremony was OK as these things go, too long and full of speeches that no one listens to, especially the keynote speech made by John Kerry.
Bev was of course, very proud of Matt, the first of her kids to graduate college. His degree is in economics.
Bev wanted me to be sure and mention that she saved a turtle. While on the beach at Plymouth we spotted a large fresh-water turtle in the surf. He was struggling to get up the beach, so Bev called the environmental conservation folks and they came and took the turtle to the aquarium for a checkup. It was severely dehydrated from exposure to the salt water. They cared for it and then released it back to its normal habitat. How it got into the Bay was a mystery.

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