Thursday, May 11, 2006

Winding down

Today is my second-to-last day of work. I'm at my desk clearing up a few last minute items. This afternoon, the hospital administration holds it's official "retirement tea" for me. Tomorrow, I'll come in, say my goodbyes, turn in my badge and keys and I'm done. It feels a bit spooky to know that I won't be getting up every morning at 5:00 to drag myself in to work.
This weekend, I'll make the last of the preparations for launch. I don't have a lot to do, mostly just tie on my docking lines, and give the boat a thorough inspection to make sure she's ready for launch. I have an appointment with the travel lift on Monday. As soon as she's in the water, and I'm sure there are no leaks, I can start moving my gear aboard.
I have noticed that as of this morning, 26 people have signed up for my Yahoo group. If there are any of you who live along the route who want to sign on as crew for a few days, let me know. I will be single-handing most of the way, so there will be room for guest crew if you're interested. I have one person signed up already. He'll be coming along the week of June 18 to gain some experience in the locks on the Erie canal. He's planning on taking his family on the Loop sometime in the future and wants some experience before he does.
As plans are right now, I will be in Waterford, NY the weekend of 6/17 & 6/18. Anyone in the area who is interested in seeing the boat should stop by the town dock in Waterford that weekend.

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