Monday, July 26, 2010

Exciting news!

We now have our own online store!
For the last few years you have been watching us sail around the country and read how we have upgraded the boat, etc. Now you have the chance to buy the products that we use directly from our own store, by way of Amazon. We get to pick and choose what products we add to the store, so you can be assured that everything that shows up in our store is a product we have used either on Walkure or on Queequeg. Before you shop for anything anywhere, check out our store. You will know that we have tried the product and that it performs as advertised.
The first products we have added are the Xantrex LinkLite Battery monitor. We love this product so much on Walkure that we bought one to install on Queequeg. If you live or cruise on a boat you know how important it is to keep track of your batteries. LinkLite is the way to do it.
Also added is the full line of Morninstar Solar Controllers. We've used other controllers on Walkure, and none perform like the Morningstar.

Both our blogs will have a link to our new store. I've included it in this post as well.

Our Amazon Store

So why should you buy from us? Well first of all, Amazon has great prices. You will have search high and wide to find better pricing. And the best part is - you help us keep cruising and bringing you the stories of our adventures!

We will be adding more products in the weeks and months to come, so stop back often!

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