Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just a little update

What have we been up to the last few weeks?
Well, in between cruises on "Yankee" we've been keeping busy. We went to a CD release party for our favorite "Trop Rock" artist, Howard Livingston. Be sure to check out the photo of Howie singing my new "turquoise" hat. If you know Howie's charity work, you'll know what the turquoise hat means.
This past Sunday, we went with one of Bev's co-workers, Carol, to the "Southernmost Air Show" at Naval Air Station Key West. Wow! I didn't know airplanes could do things like that. A C-17 air transport (similar to the C-5, but smaller - still BIG) did a wing wave as it passed the center of the field. Then it landed, came to a complete stop in only 1500 feet and then...it backed up! There was also an FA-18 that walked across the field standing on its engine thrust. Freaky to watch a supersonic fighter standing on its tail doing "only" 90 mph.
There was also a husband and wife stunt pilot/wingwalker act. She stood on the wing while her husband spun the plane around through all sorts of stunts, stalls, upside-down loops, etc. Wild! Of course, there was a spectacular show by the Blue Angels.
The big news of the week is that we might (repeat MIGHT) be moving to a different boat. Gulp! Yes, there is a possibility that we can acquire a 40 foot boat for nothing. The boat's interior is a wreck, but I can repair it. IF (big IF) we can make this happen it will mean about double the living space AND the capability of sailing to the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama, etc.
If the deal goes through, we are considering options for Walkure. One is to turn it into a time share for the family. Each family member (my kids, Bev's kids, my sister, Bev's sisters, etc.) will each get X weeks a year to use the boat. I'd really like for Walkure to stay in the family, if possible.
Wish us luck.

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