Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost done

We're getting very close to launch time. The boat is almost ready. We're hoping to "splash" the boat Friday, or perhaps Monday. Either way, it won't be long.
On the trip up here we were disappointed in the power of the Tohatsu engine. It ran fine but it just didn't have the thrust of the Yamaha. So we bit the bullet, went into debt (darn it, I just got that credit card paid off) and bought a new Suzuki High Thrust model with power tilt. (Yamaha won't sell me an engine unles they install it and they won't come here to the marina.) SO...if you know anyone in the Virginia area who wants a good engine, the Tohatsu is for sale. (It's a good engine, just not the right one for this boat.)
This Saturday, Mathews County will be holding their annual "Heritage Day" fair right here at the marina. Y'all come!
Here are a few pictures of the repairs. One is of the newly repaired and painted bilgeboard, one is the finished skeg, and one is of me mounting the new motor bracket I designed to hold the power tilt engine. The bilgeboard is now back in place and functioning. As soon as the new motor is mounted and painted, we'll be ready to launch!

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