Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Elizabeth City

We are getting ready to leave Elizabeth City, and we will miss the place. The town's reputation as the "Harbor of Hospitality" is well deserved. The town dock is free for 2 days.
The grocery store in town has a shuttle service that picks up boaters at the dock and takes them to and from the store for free. We were able stock up on food at good prices and the ride was free. Cool!
Last night the mayor of the town came by and hosted a "wine and cheese" party for the boaters and gave us some good information regarding our upcoming trip through the Dismal Swamp.
There is a story behind the rose bushes. Back in the 80s two gentlemen started bringing a rose to every female boater who came into the harbor. Over the years the tradition grew into the wine and cheese party. Now that both the original "Rose Buddies" have passed away, the rose bushes have been transplanted to the park at the waterfront.
We also met a retired teacher named Kenny who helped us trim Morgan's wings. He owns the conyer and the yellow naped Amazon sitting in the tree near the docks.
The people here have been friendly and really made us feel welcome here. We will definitely plan a stop here on our way back.

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ECA CVB - Sales & Website Coordinator said...

I'm glad to see/read that you enjoyed and are enjoying your stay here in Elizabeth City. =0)

Have a wonderful day!

Take care,

Jessica Faulkingham
Sales & Website Coordinator
Elizabeth City Area Convention & Visitors Bureau