Sunday, February 18, 2007

Downtown, where the lights are bright...

Well, we're still getting settled in, getting to know the area, etc.
Yesterday we took a trip to downtown St. Pete. We saw the crew of "Breakaway" and had a little visit to catch up on what we've all been doing. Tony and Renee have changed their plans and now hope to make it the Keys. It was good to see them again as we haven't seen them since Dog River.
After our visit with Breakaway, we walked over to the "American Stage" theater to see Neil Simon's play "Chapter 2." This was a professional production in a very small venue. The theater has only 124 seats. It is set up in a rectangular room with the stage set in one corner and the seats arranged along two walls radiating our from the opposite corner. The set-up and the small size mean that every seat has a good view of the stage and no seat is more than a few feet away.
The actors were all professionals. One of them, Christopher Cass, has done movies and TV, including a stint on each of 2 soap operas.
We really enjoyed the play, and afterward we went to Dan Marino's restaurant for dinner. I had the ribs and Bev had Lemon-Portabello Chicken. Both were excellent.
After dinner we took the bus home. It's nice having bus service so handy.
During our visit with Breakaway, we had a discussion of Florida's laws concerning boat registration. It turns out that if we stay in FL for 90 days we have to register the boat here and pay sales tax on the value of the boat. That just sucks. Why do politicians go out of their way to make life difficult for people. Don't they realize that folks like me live on our boats because we just don't have the money for their damned taxes?

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Allen Lofland said...

Mike: I suggest you research this tax thing your self. I talked to a man at the State level last year and from that conversation I dont think you do own tax's on your boat in Florida. Also the 90 day thing is for residence. Are you Florida Residents ??
There are lots of rumors about this and miss conseptions. Call the State. You dont have to give your name :)