Sunday, October 02, 2005


Welcome to the Voyages of the Walküre. This blog will be the place where friends, family and anyone interested came look for updates on the whereabouts and doings of the S.V. "Walküre." The boat is a Phil Bolger design called AS-29. It was built during 2001 and 2005 by yours truly, TheOldVoyager.
If all goes according to plan, the Walküre will be leaving in the spring of 2006 for the Great Cirle Tour of the Eastern US. This cruise, expected to take about a year, starts in the Hudson River, runs through the Erie and Oswego Canals to Lake Ontario, through the Trent-Severn Canal to Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, then to the Mississippi river, down to the Gulf Coast, to Florida and the Keys, then along the Inland Waterway along the East coast and back to NY.
During this coming winter, the boat will be upgraded and made ready for the cruise. I will also be making other preparations such as getting my house ready for sale to finance the cruise.

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mike weekes said...


My name is Mike Weekes, originally fom Buffalo, NY, now living in Osprey, FL, just S of Sarasota. Congrats on building and taking tha AS 29 on this magnificent journey. I'd like to correspond or be on your email / blog list or any group. I built a Gypsy (Payson New Instant Boat) in 91 and am considering building an AS 29. Just love the simplicity, capacity, etc. Mike Weekes,, 48 Bay Head Lane, Osprey, FL 34229, 941 356 9434 - interested in aby AS 29 or equivalent boatbuilder sites.

thank you and GREAT JOB!