Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walkure for sale!

It is with deeply mixed emotions that Bev and I have come to the decision that Walkure must find a new home. We have tried for a year to get someone in the family to take over our beloved AS-29 but alas, no one is able to do it.
We love this boat, and she has been good to us. She has seen us safely through over 7,000 miles of cruising from the Great Lakes to the Florida Keys and just about everywhere in between. She is the perfect boat for the Great Loop and has served us well in that capacity, but the time has come to move on.
Our "new" boat, Queequeg, is larger and faster and a bit more ocean capable. We have nearly completed the refit of Queequeg and will be cruising her this summer. Meanwhile, Walkure sits on the hard and will soon be in need of some attention. A loving owner will have no trouble bringing her into cruising trim quite quickly. As of now, she needs some cleaning, some new batteries, perhaps a new line or two, some fresh varnish on her brightwork and she'll be ready to go.
We will be away from Marathon for about 6 months starting in late April or early May and we dread the thought of her lying here without us to care for her for so long. Also, it is just too expensive for us to continue to maintain and store two boats.
If you are interested in taking possession of a truly unique and remarkable boat, please leave a comment on this blog. Reasonable offers will be entertained, but we are not giving her away, she means too much to us.