Sunday, August 30, 2009

A few more pictures

Here are a few more pictures of our road trip. Also, I've included a shot of the boat "on the hard." Note that the rub rail is off. We are replace the old, rotted, wooden rail with a new "trex" rail that will never rot.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A few pictures

Here's the first batch of pictures from our road trip:
The first picture was taken at my sister's office. (She's the team leader at the Middletown Vet Center.) The dapper gentleman in the green sport jacket is Ed Kerwan. He was the model for the soldier in the WWII recruiting poster he's standing near. The other gentleman is the son of the artist who drew the poster.
The second picture is my sister's dog "Abbie" having a chat with Morgan. Morgan was a big hit with Abbie. Bev had given Morgan a pretzel and he shared it with Abbie, making them friends forever.
I've included a picture of my sister's house. This is the one she is selling. She will be moving to Wolf Lake in September. She had wanted a house in the woods, and a developer bought the two lots next to her and bulldozed them flat to build two really ugly houses. She got so upset that she sold her house.
The last picture is our friends Tim and Julie from Florida who stopped by during their "Family and Friends Road Trip."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Coming soon

Coming soon...genuine "Walkure" merchandise!
Now you can declare yourself an official member of "Walkure's" crew!
Through a special arrangement with Iconic Silk Screens of San Diego, CA, (Bev's son Ben owns the company) we will soon be offering our exclusive line of custom T-Shirts. Each shirt will be of the highest quality and will feature on the front a replica of the boat's name in a font which matches the graphic on Walkure's quarter. On the back will be one of our unique designs created to bring fun and laughter to your friends and family.
Prices will be announced soon, but don't worry, they will be very reasonable.
Also, if you have a business (or a boat) and want custom T-shirts or caps silk screened, see the link on our links list.

Friday, August 07, 2009

We're on Howard's site

While browsing through Howard Livingston's site, I discovered a picture of Bev and I at the Marathon Seafood Festival back in March. I Remember Cindy (Howard's fiance') taking the picture, but I didn't know they had put it on the site.

Mike and Bev at Seafood Fest

I am assembling some pictures of our road trip north and will be posting them in a day or so.