Thursday, April 26, 2007

So what have we been up to?

Well, we've been busy.
We had another visit by the local osprey, who seems to like to rest at the top of Tom's mast.
Bev's been going to school to get her certificate as a phlebotomist. She finished her classroom studies on Tuesday and started her clinical externship at the VA hospital today.
After class on Tuesday, two of her classmates came by the boat for a cookout.
Last weekend, the Pasadena Marina crowd had another of our famous dock parties. Over beer, pork shoulder, rice, eggplant, etc, etc, etc. we discussed plans for a fleet passage to the Keys in November. So far, 3 boats are tentatively planning the trip, including us.
We also had a couple of visits from some manatees. They like to come into the marina to drink from a fresh water spring at the shore side end of the dock.
Rehearsals for "Scapino" are going well. It's really starting to shape up. This week all of the actors went "off book," meaning we can't carry our scripts on stage during rehearsal. We're still at the stage where we can't quite remember all our lines, so the assistant direct will call them out to us when we forget. By next week, it will all come together. We move the set from the rehearsal hall to the theater next Thursday, and then start dress rehearsals the following weekend. May 10 is opening night. Wow, it's not that far away.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter sailing and Daniel

Bev's youngest son Daniel has been visiting with us this week. We took him out sailing with us on Easter Sunday.
We also got a visit from the Marina cat - Spooky. She came aboard and did a complete inspection on the boat including the head. (LOL)
The weather has been exceptionally cool the last few days, highs only around 68. It's supposed to warm back up to the 80's by this weekend.
I finished installing the new watermaker and I'm very pleased with its performance. The water comes out very clean and actually tastes pretty good, far better than I thought R/O water would taste. I'm also pleased with the quality of the engineering, it seems to be built like a Swiss watch.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some housekeeping details

The Blogger folks have developed a new version of the software that maintains this site. I have upgraded to the new software and this changes the formatting of the site slightly. The link to the Yahoo group is still down near the bottom of the page along with the site counter and a new link to my "other" blog on politics. This blog will continue to be devoted to our sailing adventures.
This week Bev's son Daniel is visiting and we are planning (weather permitting) and overnight excursion for Thursday & Friday. We try to avoid going out on weekends due to the insane power boat traffic. Saturday, we are planning a visit to downtown St. Pete to show Daniel the sights.